Shooting for the documentary Trekkies 2 is about to begin

Tour-announcement by Roger Nygard

Director Roger Nygard and Neo Motion Pictures could also win Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) for their second fandom-documentary called Trekkies 2. The shooting is about to beginn, which will guide the film-crew to Europe as well as to Australia.

Hi Tasha, let's talk about trekker-stuff Starting with Fed-Con in Germany (May 2-4), Paris (May 9-10), London (May 12), Bellaria, Italy (STICCon XVII May 23-25), Belgrade/Novi Sad, Former Yugoslavia (May 30-31), Sydney/Melbourne, Australia (June 7-9), and then the USA Denise Crosby will attend conventions with a camera crew and she's looking for more fans of the greatest television phenomenon in history. If you have a FANtastic story to tell, contact us, send us a tape (information on the website), or come to one of the conventions we will be attending.

Once wasn't enough! Since we completed Trekkies, we have been inundated with fascinating stories about the FANtastic FANs of the greatest science-fiction show in television history. We had an amazing adventure meeting and interviewing hundreds and hundreds of Star Trek fans for Trekkies, but we didn't venture beyond