08-01-05: Living Trekism has published a TrekUnited-Patch In Mourning & Solidarity with the People of London to show sympathies with the Londoners after the terrorist bombings on July 7 and 21. [mehr]
04-25-05: On April 18th TrekUnited staff around Tim Brazeal announced the end of fan-fundraising. In their statement -- that we document as follows -- they reason this step with Paramount's immovableness in the question of appreciating TrekUnited Inc. (TU) as a party to a deal... [more]
03-27-05: After 1969 the global Star Trek fandom gets a second chance to prove itself. In his comment "Full impulse for Method Star Trek" Worfo K. moots some thesis on the 1968 and 2005 Star Trek-campaigns and its backgrounds in World (Domestic) Policy. [more]
04-29-03: Director Roger Nygard and Neo Motion Pictures could also win Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar, TNG) for their second fandom-documentary called Trekkies 2. The shooting is about to beginn, which will guide the film-crew to Europe as well as to Australia. [more]
Aug 2002: The following interview with Kate Mulgrew was first published as a feature article at outinamerica.com. Due to the important statements Kate Mulgrew made on gender politics in Star Trek, we're proudly republishing the interview. Special thanks to Andy Scahill for commiting his interview. [more]