TU-Patch In Mourning & Solidarity with the People of London

Dear fellow TrekUnities,
We – Living Trekism – have created the TrekUnited-Patch “In Mourning & Solidarity with the People of London” to show our sympathies with the Londoners after the terrorist bombings on July 7 and 21.

In mourning and solidarity with the people of london The picture embedded in the patch shows the anti Iraq war rally in London on March, 19th 2005. For us, the connection between the anti-war-movement and TrekUnited is in a perspective of a federation of planet earth. This perspective represents the social maturity and wisdom of a truly future-society, a society which does not rely on the hunt for personal wealth and power, but on common goods and democracy. This society is based on a common identity, which does not rely on national or racist concepts (in opposition to other nations, races or religions), but on a global idea of the human species with its internal diversities.

In our very present we are facing a global war with two supposedly antagonistic sides, complementing each other in their efforts to gain victory. Analysing the latest events, it is plain to see, that the so called “War on Terror” has strengthened the concept of Al-Qaida-terrorism. This does not mean that there is a direct causality from the Iraq-war to the recent bombings in London. The responsibility for the bombings is clearly on the side of a political extremism that misuses the world religion Islam. However, in our opinion it is also obvious, that the Iraq War hasn’t lead to more human security on this planet, but provided the terror network “Al-Qaida” with new followers.

On the other hand there are different voices, movements and organizations within the orient and the occident, who take democratic effort to face and respect the diversities of life styles on this planet. All of them oppose the Western and Arab warlords, who attempt to somehow assimilate the enemy. As the rally on March 19 - with 200.000 people participating - shows, there are a lot of people willing to work for a better future. As Trek Fans we also want to make a contribution to these efforts – leading us to a federation of planet with its own prime directive.

Living Trekism, July 2005